Demonic Oppression

Many Christians do not realize that they can be oppressed by demons. As a result, they do nothing to stop this oppression, which leaves them at the mercy of the Devil. God wants us to come into maturity in our understanding of satan and his demons. He wants us to enforce His victory over their kingdom of darkness. He wants us to know the Truth and the Truth shall make us free. He wants us to grow in maturity and faith and to appropriate His freedom by casting out the demons.

Many people question whether Christians can “have” a demon. A Christian cannot be possessed by demons because possession implies ownership. A Christian is “owned” by god. God tells us that we were bought with a great price. However, Christians can be oppressed by demons if they have provided any open doors or legal ground through which demons can work. To stop demonic oppression, the legal ground must be reclaimed. You have been doing this as you have worked through the first three Problem/Ministry areas of the previous sections of this book.


"Demons are invisible spiritual entities with minds, emotions and wills of their own, in league with and under the control of satan. They are out to do his bidding and to torment the people of God.” (Derek Prince)

Demonic Oppression is the term used to represent the “pressure” exerted by demons to get us to sin, to keep us involved in sin, to blind us to God’s truth and/or to keep us bound in limitations. Usually demons have an open door to gain access to us.

The Existence of Demons

Many Christians have allowed satan to deceive them into believing one of two major lies:

1) That he and his demons don’t exist; OR
2) That he and his demons are too powerful for Christian believers.

Either lie is devastating to the successful Christian life. These are Ungodly Beliefs that we must get rid of.

It is recorded on many occasions that Jesus did demonic deliverance. It was never strange or hidden. I John 3:8 says that Jesus came “to destroy the works of the Devil.” Jesus also passed on His ministry to His disciples. The main requirement for doing demonic deliverance is being a Christian believer. “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out demons; they shall speak with new tongues.” (Mark 16:17) The deliverance ministry is clear. Equally obvious is the fact that Jesus extended His authority and Name to believers to also do deliverance.